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SL Category Service Title Link
1 Dynamic Website Dynamic Website View Details
2 E-Commerce Development Ecommerce Development View Details
3 Online News Portal Online News Portal View Details
4 E-Education System E-Education System Details View Details
5 Graphic Design Graphic Design View Details
6 Accounting Software Accounting Software View Details
7 Account Software For Hajj Accounting Hajj Software View Details
8 Advocate Diary Management System Advocate Diary Management View Details
9 Ballot Counting Software Ballot Counting Software View Details
10 Coaching Management Software Coaching Management Software View Details
11 Contractor Management System Contractor Management Software View Details
12 Courier Management Software Solutions Courier Management Software View Details
13 Dairy Farm Software Dairy Farm Software View Details
14 Diagnostic Management Software Diagnostic Management Software View Details
15 Digital Law Firm Web Application Digital Law Firm Software View Details
16 Digital Education Management System Digital Education Management View Details
17 E-Class Web Application and Mobile App E Class Application Software View Details
18 E-Commerce Solution Ecommerce Solution View Details
19 Education/Job fair Management Education - Job Fair Management View Details
20 EMIS (School Software) EMIS (School Software) View Details
21 Employee / Human Resource Management System Employee Management Software View Details
22 ERP Solution ERP Solution View Details
23 Event Management Software Event Management Software View Details
24 Finger print and face detection Finger Print Face Detection View Details
25 Hospital Management Software Hospital Management Software View Details
26 Hotel Management Software Hotel Management Software View Details
27 HR & Accounts Software HR & Account Software View Details
28 Invoice Software Invoice Software View Details
29 Marketing Sales Software Marketing Sales Software View Details
30 Online Coaching Management Software Online Coaching Management View Details
31 Online Doctor Appointment Online Doctor Software View Details
32 Online education System Online Education View Details
33 OMR Software OMR & Image Processing View Details
34 Pharmacy Management Software Pharmecy Management Software View Details
35 Prescription Software Prescription Software View Details
36 Real Estate Management System Real Estate Management Software View Details
37 Relief Assistance Management Software Relief Management Software View Details
38 Restaurant management software Restaurant management software View Details
39 Result Management Software Result Management Software View Details
40 Salon Management System Salon Management Software View Details
41 School Management Software School Management Software View Details
42 Security Software from Remotely Monitoring & alert used by CCTV Security Software View Details
43 Shop Management Software Shop Management Software View Details
44 Spa/ Parlor Management Software Spa/parlor Management Software View Details
45 Student Attendance With SMS Student Attendance With SMS Software View Details
46 Ticket Management Software Ticket Management Software View Details
47 Time Attendance Software With SMS Time Attendance software with SMS View Details
48 Vehicle Fleet Management Software Vehicle Fleet Management Software View Details
49 IOS App Development IOS App Development View Details
50 Mobile App Development Mobile App Development View Details
51 Android App Development Android App Development View Details
52 Domain Registration Domain Registration Details View Details
53 Web Hosting Web Hosting Details View Details
54 VPS Hosting VPS Hosting View Details
55 Dedicated Hosting Dedicated Hosting View Details
56 Bulk SMS Marketing Bulk SMS Marketing View Details
57 Bulk SMS API Bulk SMS API View Details
58 Voice Call Marketing Voice Call Marketing View Details
59 Digital Marketing Digital Marketing View Details
60 Facebook Ad Boost Facebook Ads Boost View Details
61 SEO Marketing SEO Marketing View Details
62 Call Centre and Support Call Center and Support View Details
63 Email Marketing Email Marketing View Details
64 Tele Medicine System Tele Medicine View Details