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E-Education System

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E-Education System

A E-education environment known as a virtual classroom allows teachers and students to interact utilizing the software's technical tools. In order to host classes remotely while maintaining the functionality provided in a traditional classroom environment, educational institutions use virtual classroom software. A virtual classroom offers the same collaboration tools and degree of involvement as a physical classroom while holding real-time courses online. Schools use virtual classroom software to give students access who might not be able to attend in-person classes. Teachers and students can communicate in real time while interacting with course materials, watching presentations and videos, and taking exams in a virtual classroom setting.

HRSOFTBD is one of the renowned software manufacturers in Bangladesh. Over the last 6 years, our organization has successfully completed various software projects related to management and education. Now HRSOFTBD has developed a new application or software (eClass) for educational institutions

Key Features

  • Online classes on mobile or laptop.
  • Online Admission
  • Offline Reading.
  • Well-designed student and admin Dashboard
  • Exchanging important notes/syllabus or questions and assignments.
  • Can comment on online class about problems.
  • Homework Management.
  • Provide quizzes to check merit in each class.
  • E-Mail or SMS System.
  • Generate Report Cards
  • Payment gateway
  • The system will work even if there is no short net or regular net.

The Advantages

  • Reporting and data analysis Analyzing and reporting.
  • Easily Course creation.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Skill and certification tracking.
  • Verification.

Other Features

  • Web class or mobile app 2 types of devices to class or test.
  • Main admin account for the organization.
  • Video class upload account for a teacher.
  • Students personal profile.
  • E-note service for students to keep instant notes.
  • Bookmark the class of choice or the important class.
  • Database management and backups
  • Blog for special knowledge for students.
  • Submitting assignment to Teacher.
  • Numerous class lectures can be seen.
  • Auto most popular or most viewed class list.
  • Forums and webinars option.
  • Merit verification with repeated quizzes at the end of class.
  • Short use of software on the Internet.
  • Social Engagement.
  • Exchanging important hand-notes or syllabus.
  • Exchanging test question papers.
  • Notice option of the organization.

Students will be able to watch video lectures online at home via the short net, take classes at any convenient time as there is no set schedule for classes, even take online exams at the end of the class, share important notes,  suggestions and more. Thanks to the eClass application or software.

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