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Digital Education Management System

The sectors of education and training are expected to grow to be among the largest in the global economy. It is now widely acknowledged that digital education, will change the way people perform, know things, and have skills.

Digital Education Management

A Digital learning environment known as a virtual classroom allows teachers and students to interact utilizing the software's technical tools. In order to host classes remotely while maintaining the functionality provided in a traditional classroom environment, educational institutions use virtual classroom software. A virtual classroom offers the same collaboration tools and degree of involvement as a physical classroom while holding real-time courses online. Schools use virtual classroom software to give students access who might not be able to attend in-person classes. Teachers and students can communicate in real time while interacting with course materials, watching presentations and videos, and taking exams in a virtual classroom setting.

The flexible nature of digital education allows it to accommodate all forms of online learning. In order to aid students who need to work on their own time, digital learning gives educators the chance to reach students who may not be able to enroll in regular classroom courses.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Course outline management
  • Skills/Certification tracking
  • Device- friendly accessibility
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Audio and video call/conference with instructor facilities
  • Social learning/message boards
  • Instructor management system
  • Easy payment facilities
  • Offline Reading
  • Cloud-hosted Platform
  • Interactive Elements
  • Assessment Tools
  • Licenses, Access, and Validity
  • Online Exam & Show result.
  • Content Security
  • E-commerce and subscriptions
  • Custom Branding

The Advantages

  • E-education is self-paced
  • E-education is student-centered
  • E-education is cost-effective
  • Individual learning styles
  • Customizable learning environments
  • E-education fully utilizes analytics
  • E-education could solve teacher scarcity
  • E-education is environmentally friendly
  • No need for textbooks
  • E-education is time-efficient.

Other Features

  • Data tracking
  • Personalized user experience
  • Offline learning trackers
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Centralized learning materials
  • Flexible reporting and analytics
  • Strong security system
  • Feedback facilities for learners
  • Year/month-end report

With its robust digital school management software, HRSOFT offers an astounding range of customisable capabilities to help you with the challenging chores of running a school. We are here to make your school function  smoother and to assist teachers to concentrate on what really important.

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