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Contractor Management System

This is the software that automates all important procedures, ensuring that operations operate smoothly while saving you time and money. Of course, such technologies also keep all information safe and secure.

Contractor Management System

Our system ensures that everyone engaged understands their responsibilities. Because excellent contractor management eliminates guessing, the relationship creates value for everyone involved. For example, if expectations are unclear until the very end, you may need to repeat the job, forcing you to run over budget and miss deadlines. With proper contractor management capabilities, you will be able to identify and handle concerns early on.

These characteristics will be offered in various combinations by different systems. What you pick is ultimately determined by your organization's needs. Certain contractor management qualities should never be compromised. HRSOFT BD can customized software according to your requirement.

Key Features

  • Project Create Menu (Name, Category, Budget, Date, Address, and other info can be added).
  • Material Management and Equipment Tracking.
  • Invoice, Cash Memo, Report Printing.
  • Team Management.
  • User Dashboard (Accessibility limit changes upon user roles such as Admin, Manager, Project In-charge).
  • Task Management (each project can be controlled individually).
  • Resource Management (utilization of resources is confirmed).
  • Schedule Management (schedules of every project and task can be managed).
  • Ability to manage approvals and workflows for the entire organization.
  • Alerts to manage timelines for obligations, terms and key provisions.
  • The Automated Approval Process.
  • Earning Tracking (Profit from every tracking and record of unused materials).
  • Determine Profit/Loss.
  • Multiple language support (English & Bengali).
  • Data export (Reports can be downloaded in DOCX and PDF format).
  • By Date Search reports can be created on earning, expense, description, etc.
  • Calendar and Contact sharing (Scheduled meetings, Activity dates, and contacts).
  • New features can be added upon client demand.
  • 24/7 support from HRSOFTBD.

The Advantages

  • Save Time and Money
  • Easily Remain in Compliance
  • Scale Your Operations (Without All the Extra Work)
  • Assess and Compare Contractors at the Touch of a Button
  • Risk reduction.
  • Better document management.
  • Enhanced Service Quality & Efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Experience.

Other Features

  • Contractor recruiting
  • Contractor onboarding
  • Contractor Database/CRM
  • Compliance Management
  • Budgeting system.
  • Visible Tracking of Contract Changes
  • Centralized Document Database
  • Visualization and graphing features
  • Contract merge feature

Needless to say, managing contractors the traditional way becomes excessively time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly. Human mistakes are unavoidable as well; managers may occasionally forget to update a spreadsheet or lose track of a contract or invoice. Follow-ups and uncertainty ensue! HRSoft BD has provided Contractor Management Software with 100% client satisfaction and after-sales service.

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