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Digital Law Firm Web Application

Automate legal business workflows and track, manage and collaborate on your matters, cases, contracts, tasks without losing control. One web application can replaces all tools needed by legal teams.

Digital Law Firm Software

Paper-based Law Practice systems have historically performed admirably. But times have changed, and with the development of technology, attorneys are seeking for ways to run their firms more effectively. We created our legal law firm online application for this reason. You may get the best Digital Law Firm Web Application from HRsoft BD. that effectively manage all matters, cases, contracts and tasks in one place for easy collaboration to improve performance.

 Define your workflows based on the type of matter and your business rules and boost efficiency. The client will develop trust and confidence in the law firm with the aid of this specific information. It builds a close relationship between clients and attorneys. Accurate information leaves a good impression in your clients' minds, making it simple to persuade them to use your services.

Key Features

  • Law firms’ details
  • Individual information about each lawyer with details
  • Practice area (in which sector the firm work around / working sector list)
  • Contact information
  • Case database
  • List of Case already solved with details information
  • Free online consulting system
  • Document assembly
  • Contact management
  • Calendaring
  • Clients appoint system etc.
  • Blog and Client review

The Advantages

  • You can easily create appointments by simply clicking on calendar.
  • If you create a conflicting appointment, you’ll get a warning message.
  • You will receive automated meeting reminders, so you never miss a meeting.
  • Our web application has the options that will allow you to enter deadlines relating to each case and will automatically add them to your calendar.
  • Your group member or assistant can also have access to your schedule and make appointments for you.
  • If it’s a group meeting and appointment, the time slot will be marked on everybody’s calendar.
  • Our law firm web application has online feature.
  • This means you can access your client’s documents anytime from anywhere, via net connection.
  • This feature means you can now work from home or from other location.
  • This is a significant benefit if you often travel since you can stay productive and get your job done from anywhere (not just your office).

Other Features

  • Integrations
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Security
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Reporting
  • Multi-Platform Friendliness
  • Contact Options

Your contact list, desktop calendar, deadlines and to-do lists, time-tracking systems, and document files are all brought together by a law office web application and packaged as a single unit. Additionally, it might help you become more well-known in the legal community so you can concentrate on keeping your clients happy.

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