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Courier Management Software Solutions

Our courier management software system will suit your transportation company's needs from start to finish. With our Courier management software, your carrier, freight broker, messenger, courier, and dispatching service will become more efficient.

Courier Management Software

The best courier management software solutions are offered by HRsoft BD That include features for managing products, splitting packages, printing invoices, managing customers, managing employees, managing delivery progress, managing franchise deliveries, reporting, monitoring security, monitoring services, and updating delivery status for products and packages. The start of using a new software solution is seldom easy. We're aware of this, and we're prepared to provide a much higher level of support for the first few weeks. With the inclusion of the on-demand concept, people could now avail courier services just in the comfort of their homes with a few clicks.

we have comprehensive documentation that covers both the setup procedure and the more advanced features. This is helpful not just at first, but also later on to assist new clients and employees. Here are few features of our courier management software:

Key Features

  • Request for courier from online and offline both.
  • Payment & Sales reports.
  • Product/Packages create and manage.
  • Doorway delivery & Pickup.
  • Easy method of payment.
  • Filter selection for every order by package size, location, and Time.
  • Product delivery vehicle management.
  • Product tracking and barcode system manage.
  • Product delivery history show using google map or graphical design.
  • Product delivered return or failed management.
  • GPS tracking for special parcels.
  • Vehicle product shifting report.
  • Delivery status sent to customer’s phone using SMS.
  • Customer feedback & On-Time delivery.
  • Official Accounts Management.
  • Easy user interface to operate all functions.
  • 24/7 customer support

The Advantages

  • Inter-Branch Synchronization
  • Manage drivers more easily.
  • Reduce wasted time.
  • Manage peak periods.
  • Completeness of service from door to door.
  • Overall cost-effectiveness.
  • Speed of service

Other Features

  • Efficient scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries
  • Online Order Placement.
  • Products Entry & Distribution System.
  • Billing & Invoicing.
  • Product Tracking System.
  • Multiple Login with Admin, Employee, Agents, Clients, Drivers.

With the inclusion of the on-demand concept, people could now avail courier services just in the comfort of their homes with a few clicks. We have both manual and automated translation in multiple languages. Additionally, we can always add services and options.

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