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Prescription Software

The sloppy handwriting is over. All the elements of a prescription can be pre-set using our template-based software. Data entry will go more quickly as a result.

Prescription Software

Both patient data and encounters may be simultaneously stored. Data can include things like main complaints, history, vital data, physical exam results, investigations, diagnoses, medications, suggestions, clinical images, and other documents. All of the earlier medications are duplicable with just one click. This will help you save a significant amount of time..

You do not need to bother writing out the full name of the medication; only type 3 letters, and the medication's name, kind, as well as manufacturer will show. The generated prescription will follow the BMDC guidelines. In addition, we can develope customized software as per the requirement.

Key Features

  • Online Based Prescription Software
  • Prescription Generate & Print
  • In One Software Multiple Doctors PAD use.
  • Use in any PC or Laptop
  • Auto Medicine Name show
  • CC, OE, Advices, Drug Rules Auto Set
  • Test Result Entry
  • Patient List
  • Patient Searching Option by ID, Name & Mobile Number
  • Bangla & English Typing Option
  • Previous Prescription Search & Print
  • 30,000+ Medicine Database
  • Diagnosis Wise Patient Report Generate
  • Investigation Wise Patient Report Generate
  • Medicine Entry
  • Referrer Doctor Info Save
  • Advice Group Entry English/Bangla
  • Doctor’s Certificate to Patient’s
  • Referral Certificate to Patient’s
  • Past Patient History
  • Patient All History Record’s
  • Examination Records

The Advantages

  • Prevents medication errors
  • Automates Clinical Decision Support
  • Speed Up Medication Process
  • Instant Notification & Medication Alerts
  • Track Complete Medication
  • No Delays as No Lost Prescription
  • Greater Patient Satisfaction
  • Single Workflow Prescribing
  • Better Utilization of Staff Time
  • Reduced Re-hospitalization
  • Enhanced Medical Adherence

Other Features

  • Full Drug database
  • Drug search option
  • Store patients info
  • Real look printing
  • Patient Registration
  • Auto Fill Option

Creating a prescription electronically and distributing it to the patient or pharmacist is essentially what prescription software does. Prescriptions written using prescription software are more precise, clear, and error-free. The hazards associated with writing prescriptions the old-fashioned way are minimized by prescription software.

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