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Student Attendance With SMS

Are you looking for a project involving a student attendance management system? HR soft BD is here to assist you. Contact us; our Student Attendance management system is designed to keep track of student attendance.

Student Attendance Management System

Nowadays, everyone wants to receive SMS alerts from the school regarding their child's attendance because child safety is so vital. Traditional SMS delivery methods take a lot of time. The process of gathering information and alerting the parent of the child's attendance takes a lot of time. We have a fresh approach to this problem where we automate attendance.

RFID cards, the child's fingerprint, face recognition technologies, and UHF reading systems can all be used for this. This data is automatically sent to the server, and from there, the SMS is pushed to the parent mobile device utilizing the SMS Gateway.

Key Features

  • Attendance Management.
  • Accurate and Secured Data Collection.
  • The Dashboard: This dashboard is the place where all the events, attendance, timetable, etc. everything is present. From checking up on the monthly transactions of schools to the progress of students, one can use this dashboard for various things. It is a place where everything will be present.
  • The school administration can add the details that they want and customize this dashboard according to their requirements.
  • SMS Integration.
  • This scenario is where attendance management software will help. Almost all the attendance management system out there has this feature of admission management.
  • Team Management.
  • Flexible Employee Scheduling.
  • School mobile app
  • All these procedures don’t need a teacher, and the software itself automates everything.
  • Departments, classes, and years. The entire process is streamlined and stored in the cloud for future reference.
  • Comprehensive Policy Configuration.
  • Every aspect of the student can be uploaded into the software.
  • Teachers can upload the schedule online, and the entire examination schedule will be present on the website only
  • Student Absentees Reminder

The Advantages

  • Student’s attendance can be taken automatically instead of manually.
  • Saves a lot of time in handling manual handwritten attendance, as well as ensures class time is handled more efficiently instead of wasting time in finding out who’s present or not.
  • Faster form of communicating data to a database system. No hassle over finding out students who skip classes.
  • Teacher’s assistants will find time to do something more productive since they will not have to check the attendance of each and every day thus providing for more time to utilize over more important matters for their faculty.
  • Quality of education will increase because there will be reduced chances of students to lie about their attendance since the database system keeps track of everything.
  • It will help to add value to the University in the sense that since detailed attendance records will be available, the data can also be used for other sort of analysis.

Other Features

  • Managing daily attendance reports
  • Providing instant notifications to parents.
  • Leave management.
  • Biometric integration.

We have many satisfied schools that have automated their attendance process with our system and are sending SMS to parent's mobile phones. We have machines that take attendance and send SMS messages via the Bulk SMS API.

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