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EMIS (School Software)

EMIS collect, integrate, analyze, retain, and disseminate data and information to support decision-making, policy analysis and development, planning, monitoring, and management at all levels of an education system.

EMIS (School Software)

Education management information systems only collect data on students who are (or have been) enrolled in the school system. Our robust EMIS, on the other hand, is unlikely able to provide complete (or even any) information on children who were never enrolled and those who dropped out. Robust education planning and policy requires data from a broader range of sources, including household surveys.

Decision-making that is effective depends on reliable data that is managed by effective information systems. Information is a vital resource and is a significant component of management and decision-making in the educational sector. An EMIS is more than just a technical solution for operational procedures.

Key Features

  • Institute Profile
  • Human Resource Management
  • Online application and payment process
  • Admission Process
  • Thorough Attendance
  • Academic Supervision System Module
  • Payroll & leave management
  • Student Information Dashboard
  • Staff Management
  • Enquiry information management
  • Training Management Information System
  • Cloud Facilitation
  • Library management
  • Transportation management
  • Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System

The Advantages

  • Determine your School’s Growth
  • Better Timetable Management & Class Planning
  • Supports policy planning.
  • Provision of insight towards sector management
  • Supply of general information for research and other government purposes
  • Easy Examination Management
  • Enhanced Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Resources for Teachers
  • Provision of quality information to decision-makers.

Other Features

  • Document Archiving System
  • Message Communication System
  • Performance Based Management
  • Exam Management
  • Schedule Timetable
  • Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Lesson Plans & Assignments

EMIS is a system of people, technology, models, methods, processes, procedures, rules, and regulations that function together to provide education leaders, decision-makers and managers at all levels with a comprehensive, integrated set of relevant, reliable, unambiguous & timely data and information to support them in completion of their responsibilities.

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