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Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Vehicle Management Solution Software (VMS) is the most recent system for managing big fleets of vehicles. Vehicle management software puts essential information about the functioning of your fleet vehicles at your fingertips.

Vehicle Fleet Management Software

The Vehicle Management Software is a system that offers management features that enable businesses to eliminate or significantly reduce the risks related to the company-owned vehicles. Vehicle management software is created by HRSOFTBD with the precise characteristics required to operate the vehicle industry effectively. our software has the capacity to automatically and in real time record vehicle management activity. Therefore, you have the visibility that you need to manage your business effectively. The finest vehicle management software is offered by HRsoft BD.

We at HRSOFTBD create vehicle management software with the features required to properly manage the vehicle business. Vehicle management availability is critical to a company's efficiency, productivity, and overall vehicle costs. Such systems contribute to this by laying the groundwork for effective vehicle management software.

Key Features

  • Displays the location of the car on a map
  • Indicates whether the car is being driven and how fast.
  • Trip log and mileage
  • Mobile device compatible
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Turn the climate on and off, view and set the temperature.
  • Turn the seat heaters off and on.
  • Interact with multiple vehicles.
  • Remotely lock and unlock the car and open the trunks.
  • Fuel Management

The Advantages

  • Vehicles safe running smoothly.
  • Vehicles can endanger your drivers on the road.
  • Vehicle can optimize the drivers.
  • Accessible anytime anywhere.
  • Get faster truck turn-around times by analyzing GPS data.

Other Features

  • Delivery management
  • Route planning
  • Multi-inventory management
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • External service management

Our vehicle management software includes routine management of vehicles, fuels and services, drivers, and other items in addition to individual vehicle management. It is thought to be a quick and simple task with good vehicle management software to be able to give good records of audits, strategy development, policies, procedures, as well as system design and execution.




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