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Call Centre and Support

It is a centralized department in charge of responding to inbound and outbound calls from current and prospective customers. It could be located within an organization or outsourced to another company that specializes in call handling.

Call Center and Support

Call centers concentrate on a single mode of communication: the telephone. However a contact center, as opposed to telephony-only call centers, allows consumer contacts through a variety of channels, including phone calls, email, Web chat, Web collaboration, and the rising acceptance of social media interactions. One or more call centers may be part of a Contract center.

Organizations must have representatives available when customers call for service or support, and those with call centers can more effectively assist customers in need. Call centers can make an organization available 24/7 or during a time window that matches customer expectations.

Key Features

  • Skill-based call routing
  • Voicemail or external routing
  • Cloud-based calling
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Workstation recording
  • Interactive voice response

The Advantages

  • Improve Customer Service Management
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Cost-Effective
  • Build A Professional Image
  • Goal and remind yourself
  • Identify Urgent Calls
  • Exceptional Customer Experience

Other Features

  • Outbound campaign management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Call center monitoring and analytics
  • Call transfer and three-way calling
  • Call recording

Reach your customers with pre-recorded voice prompts using automated phone call software. Make new announcements about your products, services, and promotional offers. Reach large numbers of customers quickly in minutes. All recorded calls are sent via an automated system. Use one service to send large amounts of information to millions of people. 

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