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Relief Assistance Management Software

HRSOFTBD has developed an application, combines web and mobile platforms based on expert recommendations and offered to the government to combat relief aid corruption. you can provide relief / support in a smooth and elegant manner using this method.

Relief Management Software

If a person has a low income and needs help with basic living expenses, they may be qualified for government assistance with housing, food, medical bills, and other costs. This type of government support is referred to as federal financing, federal help, or federal assistance. The Resource Directory is available for citizens to use to determine their eligibility for government assistance.

In a short amount of time, we were able to develop a simple, quick-to-implement platform that will make it easy and fair to distribute emergency rental aid. Through this mobile app and website, issues with unemployed people in Bangladesh caused by the coronavirus tragedy might be digitally resolved, preventing corruption, irregularities, or disruption in the distribution of food or other relief.

Key Features

  • Detailed information including photo, national identity number, mobile number of each relief facility customer.
  • Each relief facility has an ID card with a barcode or QR code of the customer, which will be auto generated.
  • Relief Assistance The customer will carry the ID card while receiving the relief.
  • Donor authorities will provide relief / other assistance by scanning the customer's ID card for relief assistance through the mobile app.
  • There will be no respite for the same person to receive relief again and again by fraud.
  • There will be a list with detailed information including customer's photo, national identity number, mobile number and date and place of receiving the relief which the authorities can print if desired.
  • You can set commands inside the application to provide relief on a specific day in a specific area then only who or what will get relief on that day or at that particular time it can be fixed by the admin or the people working in the monitoring cell. So no person at the field level can be corrupt.
  • There will be a special dashboard for people working in the admin or monitoring cell through which they will be able to monitor the relief / assistance programs in each of their areas.
  • Since relief will be provided directly in the presence of the customer through mobile scan, there will be no scope for irregularities in the field staff.
  • Users working in the admin or monitoring cell will be able to see reports of how much relief has been provided through the dashboard, Will be able to print in the form of reports how many people are being given regular assistance.

The Advantages

  • Limit the losses due to revenue reduction or other costs
  • Minimize critical process disruptions and protect business operations
  • No impact on performance
  • Control and custmization of your own Disaster Recovery
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • A Better Understanding of Scalability

Other Features

  • Emergency Alerts on Construction Sites
  • Secure & Reliable Platform
  • Great application and backend service
  • Reliable
  • Incident Management

In response to suggestions made to the government by experts, HRSoft BD has developed a program that integrates online and mobile platforms. This program aims to lower corruption in relief money. how the populace might be helped or relieved in a straightforward and attractive way.

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