Financial data is the company’s most valuable information and must be prevented from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost by mistake. That’s exactly what Accounting & Finance systems do for their users, prevent accounting from being jeopardized in any way, and keeping an extra copy in case you need to retrieve them. In most cases, you will get to build your internal security structure, and decide who will have access to sensitive data.


  1. Ease of use.
  2. Some fields can be customized by user.
  3. Multi-User at a time, for example different user roles for different people such as CEO, Manager, Accountant etc. Access permission of various features will vary person to person depending on the roles.
  4. Items can be added from product catalog by Accountant, Manager and CEO himself based on roles and accessibility.
  5. Print or email transaction/Payment/Expense/ Profit-Loss reports monthly, half yearly and yearly.
  6. Income Statements(monthly, half yearly and yearly) of company.
  7.  Balance Sheet.
  8.  Cash Management.
  9.  General Ledger that tracks and keeps record of all sort of transactions.
  10.  Multi-Department / Project can be handles through one system.
  11.  Profit / Loss Statement.
  12.  Project Budgeting depending on last year project costing/expenses/profit and planned budget for next year.
  13. Bank Reconciliation through API.
  14.  Document Management.
  15.  Online Invoicing and printable copy.