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At this point, most of us can prove that the situation in which we currently live is accelerating the digital transformation of higher education, resulting in many challenges. As with technology and new opportunities, student's perceptions are changing.

Educational technology is an important part of the learning experience of the 21st century. A virtual classroom is a digital learning environment that allows teachers and students to engage using the software's technical tools. Tools that are Properly integrated into the classroom such as computers, video conferencing, and even artificial intelligence can be used to complement the education of children, as well as support students with disabilities, and provide a variety of additional uses and benefits.

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Budget limitation

By far the greatest factor that limit the efforts of teachers and administrators to provide education technology to students is budget. Limitations are significant obstracle and this advocate the use of education technology into classrooms. HRSOFT BD makes budget-friendly software solutions for clients.

Lack of Professional Training

However, the implementation of educational technology in the classroom is not always smooth or successful. A good amount of teachers and managers face barriers to install and utilize those technologies that can enhance education system.

Unreliable Devices And Software

The lack of better infrastructure could also be an obstracle for the equipment and software. All of this can be a major barrier to the adoption of educational technology. An unreliable device may simply be that your notebook is not functioning properly. Or it could be a bug that makes problems for students to access the test or stay logged in to the school system. HRSOFT BD provides reliable devices and software for the client's satisfaction.


With interactive devices and educational resources, student boredom is resolved. Providing the classroom with a new glossy tool that neither teachers nor students can use is less likely to compromise a child's classroom experience. With, busy teachers have to learn how to use the new tools themselves. However, it can be time-consuming.

Professional training for teachers, students, and staff can be time-consuming and costly. However it is necessary, if the students and teachers are expected to gain the desired value of technical experience. From cloud computing to IT consulting to product management, our(HRSOFT BD) dedicated and experienced staffs have the skills and commitment to help you, learn more about educational technology and avoid common hazard of its implementation and maintenance.


This clearly demonstrates that the challenges of ensuring the continuity of education goes beyond the use of digital solutions for distance learning. We also need to be careful that technology in education does not strengthen existing inequality or expand the digital divide. Failure to do this will exclude students who are at a disadvantage when the school is closed, especially those who lacks adaptability, learning strategies, or self-study efforts.

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