Financial data is the company’s most valuable information and must be prevented from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost by mistake. In order to save and secure company’s most valuable information and finance data HRSOFTBD has been developing Accounting Software since long ago. If you prefer flawless and hassle free experience then HRSOFTBD is one of the most well known company in Bangladesh that develops Accounting Software.


Balance Sheet

Through the balance sheet, you are able to see the total liabilities, asset and the equity of your company.  For more convenience of the user, total liability, asset, and the equity are broken down into several components. All this activity can done by our software with very less difficulity and less time consuming.

Profit & Loss Statement

This Software will  shows you the total expanse and total income of your company. You can track each and every individual expanse and earnings. This unique feature of our accounting software in Bangladesh will provide you a platform to track all your income and expanse in an automatic way to eliminate corruptions.

General Ledger

In accounting software, a general ledger sorts all the transaction information through the accounts. Also, it is the primary source for generating the company’s trial balance and financial statements. The ledger’s accuracy is validated by a trial balance, which confirms that the sum of all debit accounts is equal to the sum of all credit accounts.

Sales And Accounts Receivables

The Accounts Receivable to Sales Ratio is a business liquidity ratio that measures how much of the company’s sales occur on credit. When a company has a larger percentage of its sales happening on a credit basis, it may run into short-term liquidity problems. Such a scenario may happen if a company is running low on cash due to the lack of cash sales in the business cycle.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (AP) is generated when a company purchases goods or services from its suppliers on credit. Accounts payable is expected to be paid off within a year’s time, or within one operating cycle. Its difficult to maintain this but through our software you can easily handle this.

Cash and bank Management

The maintanance of Inflows and outflows of cash and cash on hand and demand deposits and also maintain the bank transaction through our software is very easy and the daily report conduction is also possible by our software. 

Specific Features of our accounting software:

  • List of the accounts (ledgers and groups).
  • Data entry (Cash/Bank Receipt, Cash/Bank Payment, Others receipt, others Payment, Contra, Journal) etc.
  • Harmonizing Ledger Account.
  • Tag entries (For tracking).
  • Reports like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Outstanding report, Account receivable report, Trial Balance and Ledger Statement, Reconciliation Report, Financial statement, Daily expanse report, monthly expanse report, automated cost fixing report etc.
  • Report downloading facility in PDF format.
  • Best for the group of companies (Multiple companies report on a single platform).
  • User Action logs for monitoring the activities of the user.