Finger print attendants system prevents fraud recording of working hours that employees do with manual paper attendance system. It helps to monitor late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. HRSOFTBD provide mostly secured and well designed Finger print and face detection device which is very effective and accurate in record attendance.

The key benefits of using biometric fingerprint are:

Security: Unlike a password-based security system, a biometric fingerprint scanning system is highly secure and comfortable. As biometric data is unique to everyone, it is near impossible to copy or duplicate the data. To ensure the safety, biometric fingerprint reader is the best solution and available service in HRSOFTBD.

Accuracy: Fingerprint scanning technology is one of the most accurate biometric system. It provides almost hundred percent accuracy for authentication purpose. In terms of accuracy, a biometric fingerprint reader is a perfect solution that you need for your company, school or any organization.

Fast: Biometric fingerprint technology is an undoubtedly faster system than a traditional security system like a password. It allows you faster access control and full authority on your device. The days of remembering complex passwords are gone with this technology.

The core features of Finger print device are:

  • Provides high-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor.
  • Sensor resistant to scratches, impact, vibration, and electrostatic shock.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Smart Capture™ (Self-Adjusting Fingerprint Brightness) Compact.
  • Removable weighted stand.
  • Readily accessible for any finger.
  • Integrated finger guide.
  • USB connection.
  • Report printing facility (monthly or yearly).