In the current digital era, technology and digital processes are being used for all types of work. Similarly, in case of counting vote the digital process and technology should be used, which will help you to calculate the right vote counting.

Despite the requirements, HRSOFTBD created the digital vote counting software, which will consume less time in counting, give you accurate result and without any fraudulent casting results.




  • The first method of vote counting through our vote software is to scan ballot papers. Our Ballot Paper Scanning Machine will scan the exact ballot paper. Each ballot paper scanning process can be directly seen by the projector. All can see the scaning process of ballot paper and how the images process is working directly.
  • Our scanning machine will scan the ballot paper very easily, accurately and in a very short time, after scaning that will store scanned images for the next result. Then, the scanned image from the store will be sent to our software and our software will read the ballot paper's vote accurately and keep counting it. Our software will read very fast and easily every ballot paper, in which any mistake and frauding is impossible.
  • During the scanning process, the software will continue the reading and counting process. The number of votes that each candidate having that count will keep updating and that will be displayed directly from the projector. Not only that, our software can easily find out the incorrect vote and this type of vote will be declared as a canceled vote. There will be a chance to recover the cancled votes in our software.
  • Automatically final results will be published at the end of counting all votes and that will be shown directly in the projector. Candidates can see the results of their own votes and the final result from there.
  • Since the complete vote counting process will be done accurately by software and will be shown directly in the projector infront of public, so there is no possibility of any kind of error and fraud also.