This Hostel Management Software has been designed to automate and effectively manage the entire process of gaining admission to the hostel. It gathers student information from its registration process and checks for room availability. The student is required to input all information for the process to give a super-fast output. Then it allocates rooms to the registered students and also records their fee and other advance payment details. This helps in keeping an organized record of all students using the hostel facility through the hostel management software.



  1. Hotel Management Software has been created to help the college or school staff and the student to easily register and use the facilities while keeping track of their activities within the premises.
  2. The hostel management software consists of various modules that begin with the registration and allotment process. Once a student is granted admission to a college he/she has the option to avail the hostel facility and needs to register. It then gathers all necessary information of the student and allocates a room based on the student's preference.
  3. It has been designed with detailed features that monitor the movement of the student in and out of the premises and also keeps a record of the fee payment details.
  4. Food facility management.
  5. Room allotment.
  6. Vacation management.
  7. Notifications & Alerts.
  8. Visitor record.
  9. Visitor verification.
  10. Guest information.
  11. Mess bill collection & calculation.
  12. Fines and Payroll.
  13. Room wise list of students.
  14. Vacant room report.
  15. Access through Hostel ID cards verification.
  16. Attendance report.
  17. Hostel certificates.
  18. Financial accounting reports.
  19. Fine report.
  20. Students complete information.
  21. Dues & Refund report at the end of semester and year.
  22. Different reports are generated like you can get a list of wardens, students, mess or canteen register, hostel reports, etc.
  23. There are certain charges which are charged against hostel room, canteen or any repairs, etc. are recorded and monthly fees collected for hostel rooms are accurately maintained.
  24. Maintain all the expenses that incurred on daily basis like repairs and maintenance.
  25. Daily updates to parents on hostel attendance.

Admin Privileges

  • Admin has access to assign rooms, keep track of student, and serve the room change request at the same time.
  • Admin can manage hostel fee due status, update fee status according payments and access list of other characters.
  • Manages the hostel records automatically and proficiently.
  • It allows easy supervision of hostel maintenance.
  • Highly customizable and scalable as per requirement of the school.
  • Automated reports can be generated on a single click of a mouse button.

Building information

  • Hostel name and type (Girls, Boys or Staff etc).
  • Hostel location.
  • Number of floors and rooms.

Room information

  • Accommodation.
  • Room assets and details.
  • Room facilities.
  • Room allocation/availability.
  • Room shifting.