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Voice Call Marketing

Voice Call Marketing is an effective way to reach out to a huge audience. In a short amount of time, it links millions of clients. Voice calls and pre recorded voice messages sent to mobile phones, which is proven to be very effective.

What is Voice Call Marketing?

Voice Call Marketing is a useful tool to connect millions of customers in short period of time. We can use voice call and pre-recorded voice messages that are sent to mobile phones and landline phones tend to bring in great results. These are automated calls and involve the automated dialing of multiple numbers all at once using computer managed lists. This communication technique is wide-reaching and having very good response for the organization.

The voice call service allows one to send a pre-recorded message to a large group of people. Voice service has a high response rate and will help you generate more leads for your business. A voice call with a pre-recorded message allows you to be sent to the entire list. Record customised voice messages and sends them to your targeted audience. You can easily record voice calls via an automated online system and send them to your customers anywhere in India. Voice call services help you reach customers easily with pre-recorded messages.




Key Features

  • Text to Speech
  • Wide Market Reach
  • Call tracking & recording
  • Very fast Voice Call delivery.
  • Easily upload the recording file of the Voice Call.
  • Voice Broadcasting Facilities
  • Report & analytics
  • Customized language
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Effective interaction with customers.
  • Schedule Voice Campaign

The Advantages

  • Installation, documentation, and training will be providing with free of cost.
  • We offer various payment methods and bundle options.
  • Can view Voice Call used and purchasing patterns.
  • Cost of service is affordable.
  • 24 Hour support from HRSOFTBD.

Other Features

  • Highly Secure
  • Patented Solutions
  • Superior Quality
  • Reminder campaigns
  • Delivery scheduling/rescheduling

Voice Call marketing is suitable for all types of business or organization, keeping that in mind HRSOFTBD develop Voice Call marketing service which is not at all expensive and helps your business to grow.

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