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E-Class Web Application and Mobile App

One of the biggest economic areas in the globe is likely to be education and training. The performance, knowledge, and skills landscape is expected to change as a result of e-education systems.

E-Class Application software

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment where teachers and students can communicate using the software's technical tools. Educational institutions utilize virtual classroom software to host classes remotely while preserving the functionality offered in a traditional classroom environment. A virtual classroom holds real-time lessons remotely while offering the same collaborative tools and level of interaction possible in a physical classroom. Educational institutions utilize virtual classroom software to provide access to students who may not be able to attend in-person courses. Through the virtual classroom environment, teachers can interact with students and students can engage with lesson materials, view presentations and videos, and take tests, all in real time.

With the eClass application or software, students will be able to watch video lectures of the class online at home using a little amount of internet, take classes at any convenient time as there is no schedule for class, take exams online at the end of the lecture and share important notes and suggestions.

Key Features

  • Self Registration
  • Online Course Catalogs
  • Online course Registration.
  • The system will run even if there is no short net or regular net.
  • Natural User Interface
  • Video Conference
  • Auto popular or most viewed class list.
  • Automated evaluation
  • Content in the cloud
  • Short use of software on the Internet.
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Can easily download resources.

The Advantages

  • Manage the class
  • Manage students
  • SMS Service
  • Learning environments that can be customized
  • Online education is self-paced and available around the clock
  • Cost-effectiveness and Eco-friendly
  • Time-efficient.

Other Features

  • Responsive Design Features
  • Main admin account for the organization.
  • Video class upload account for teacher.
  • Own account for students.
  • E-note service for keeping instant notes of students.
  • Bookmark the class of choice or the important class.
  • Seeing the notice of the organization.
  • Visit the blog for special knowledge for students.
  • Collaboration Of Various Learning Tools
  • Massages and commenting option
  • Strong Reporting With Customization
  • Brand Integration

HRSOFTBD is the greatest alternative if you're looking to develop a small, medium, or large E Class Application system, because it offers the best quality, security, and advanced features.

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