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Advocate Diary Management System

Advocate Diary Management System is more like a lawyer's pocket handbook which allows you to keep your diary accessible 24 x7 and 365 days.

Advocate Diary Management

Practitioners who need to schedule their cases in various courts (the High Court, the Supreme Court, or any other court) will be benefited by this system. This app can be used by attorneys to manage cases involving various courts and clients. They can add courts and clients only once and it will be ready for your use in the list while case adding / editing. Without adding additional staff, this system saves huge amount of time.

Advocate Diary is software for lawyers' daily case management. With this application, lawyers can keep a record at hand at any time. With law firm management software, you can add and update information and set up notifications for clients, cases, case history, courts, law firm appointment management, and more.

Key Features

  • Law firms details
  • Individual information about each lawyer with details
  • Practice area (in which sector the firm work around / working sector list)
  • Contact information
  • Case database
  • Contract Request and Intake
  • Email Newsletters
  • Document assembly
  • Contact management
  • Calendaring
  • Client appoint system
  • Search and retrieve easily
  • List of Case already solved with details information
  • Free online consulting system
  • Blog and Client review
  • Reminders

The Advantages

  • Enhanced productivity enables greater profit
  • Client satisfaction
  • Allows to store and save information without fretting about losing paper documents and digital data saved only on hard drives.
  • The capacity to share information
  • Centralization
  • Easy enough so that both maintenance staff and lawyers can use them efficiently
  • Operate from home or from other locations

Other Features

  • Case Management
  • Daily Case Board
  • Appointments
  • Task Management
  • Data Security
  • Client Management
  • Work anytime from anywhere
  • Law firm web application can manage deadlines
  • Alerts
  • On-premises data can be stored or in the Cloud
  • Mobile Application
  • Feature-based Security
  • Managing Contract Process through workflows

Advocate Diary Management Software is a digital diary that keeps everything organized and easily accessible. Our feature-rich Advocates Diary application has all the value-added features that lawyers are always looking forward to simplify the process.

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