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Relief Assistance Management Software

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Unemployed people in lockdown in Bangladesh due to coronavirus disaster & Problems can be solved digitally through this mobile app and web application to prevent corruption, irregularities or chaos in providing food aid to the poor.

Based on expert advice given to the government to curb relief aid corruption, HRSOFTBD has developed an application that combines web and mobile platforms. Through which it is possible to provide relief / assistance to the people in a smooth and beautiful way.

At the same time it is possible to prevent any kind of irregularities and corruption easily.


*For whom this application*

1. Any government or semi-government donor agency.

2. Any private donor organization (e.g. NGO).

3. Any personal relief assistance entrepreneur.


*Everything that is in this application*

1. Detailed information including photo, national identity number, mobile number of each relief facility customer.

2. Each relief facility has an ID card with a barcode or QR code of the customer, which will be auto generated.

3. Relief Assistance The customer will carry the ID card while receiving the relief.

4. Donor authorities will provide relief / other assistance by scanning the customer's ID card for relief assistance through the mobile app.

5. There will be no respite for the same person to receive relief again and again by fraud.

6. There will be a list with detailed information including customer's photo, national identity number, mobile number and date and place of receiving the relief which the authorities can print if desired.

7. You can set commands inside the application to provide relief on a specific day in a specific area then only who or what will get relief on that day or at that particular time it can be fixed by the admin or the people working in the monitoring cell. So no person at the field level can be corrupt.

8. There will be a special dashboard for people working in the admin or monitoring cell through which they will be able to monitor the relief / assistance programs in each of their areas.

9. Since relief will be provided directly in the presence of the customer through mobile scan, there will be no scope for irregularities in the field staff.

10. Users working in the admin or monitoring cell will be able to see reports of how much relief has been provided through the dashboard, Will be able to print in the form of reports how many people are being given regular assistance.

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