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E-commerce Solution

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Create a website that you are gonna be proud of. Be it Business, Portfolio, Agency, Photography, eCommerce & much more.

HRSOFTBD is here to help you set up e-commerce websites that ensure profits in your online business.Shopping cart software solution integrated into Dreamweaver - Front Page - Expression Web - Golive - CSS ecommerce templates with PHP versions.

Important Features

01. Responsive Website Design.
02. Easily use of Add to Cart & Simple Checkout.
03. Easy and Simple Payment Option.
04. Free Resigtratoin for customers.
05. Admin Can Manage All Product.
06. Content Management Capabilities.
07. Promotion/ Discount/ Offer Manage.
08. Order Management.
09. Manage Category and Pages.
10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Management.
11. Email Marketing Integration.
12. Invoice, Bill, Delivery report print.
13. Multi-language Support.
14. Order Delivery Track.

Features for you

Product Catalogue Management:

  • Add, Edit and Delete Product in Stock & Approve System.
  • Add new product image & Update.
  • Approve, Edit and Delete Product Reviews.
  • Related items showing.
  • Customer can buy products online by credit cards or bkash or any kind of payment or Cash on delivery.
  • Add to Wishlist and Compare Functions (email when available in Stock)
  • Add to Favorite & Count maximum sold product and maximum viewed product.
  • Sending to a Friend with Email and Share Buttons for different Social Media.
  • Unlimited attributes groups (sizes, colors, models).
  • Unlimited products combinations (red, size XL).
  • Multiple pictures per product with video promotion.
  • Tutorial upload and show.
  • Zoom and thick box on products pictures
  • Choice of number of products per page
  • Sort products by relevance, price.
  • Manufacturers, brands management.
  • Inventory Management with Backordered items, Minimum and Maximum quantities.
  • Search Results rewrites and redirects.
  • Customer Sort.


Customer Management System:

  • Customer’s registration, and personal accounts.
  • Login option with Facebook or Google + or separate registration.
  • Account verification by SMS.
  • Forgotten passwords recovery.
  • Purchase History.
  • Loyalty system (points).
  • Gift Card send to other friend.
  • Random gift card generate.
  • Customers having not ordered on a configured delay follow up.
  • Forms automatic filling with ReversoForm.
  • Emails alerts for clients about a product replenishment.


Orders Manage:

  • Admin will manage orders (any type of edit).
  • Orders monitoring by email.
  • Order Confirmation by SMS.
  • Sort Order by area/location to delivery first.
  • Delivery tracking and status shown to the customer.
  • Admin can manage discount/offer/Coupon Code.
  • Customers can view their orders in their panel.
  • Returns management and Quality Check up (QC) status while in repair.
  • Addition of returned products into stock.
  • PDF invoices, slips and delivery slips.



  • Secure Back-Office access (login and password).
  • SSL compatibility (Depends on client requirements).
  • Unique tokens in Back Office and Front Office.
  • Resistance to attacks as XSS, CSRF, SQL injections, distant inclusions, path transversal.
  • E-mails headers injections blocked.
  • Passwords encryption in database.
  • Cookies encryption.
  • Block repeated attempts to recover passwords.


SMS and Email Integration:

  • Buyer get when order will be placed.
  • Admin get when payment will be completed.
  • Admin will able to send offer SMS / Wish SMS to previous alll client.
  • Admin can send Any Notice / SMS.



  • Product Ledger.
  • Customer Ledger with bills.
  • Income Statement.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Sales Report.
  • SMS report.


Extra Features:

  • Contact
  • Help - Warranty Policy, Returns and Replacement, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy
  • Live Chat

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