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Courier Management Software Solutions

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HRSOFTBD provides best Courier Management Software Solutions which provides the functions for manage products, split packages, printing invoices, customer management, employee administration, delivery progress manage, delivery franchise, reporting, security, tracking service and delivery status updates for the products/packages.

With the inclusion of the on-demand concept, people could now avail courier services just at the comfort of their homes in a few clicks.


Major Functions:

  • Online Order Placement.
  • Products Entry & Distribution System.
  • Billing & Invoicing.
  • Product Tracking System.
  • Multiple Login with Admin, Employee, Agents, Clients, Drivers.


Main Features:

  1. Request for courier from online and offline both.
  2. Payment & Sales reports.
  3. Product/Packages create and manage.
  4. Doorway delivery & Pickup.
  5. Easy method of payment.
  6. Filter selection for every order by package size, location, and Time.
  7. Product delivery vehicle management.
  8. Product tracking and barcode system manage.
  9. Product delivery history show using google map or graphical design.
  10. Product delivered return or failed management.
  11. GPS tracking for special parcels.
  12. Vehicle product shifting report.
  13. Delivery status sent to customer’s phone using SMS.
  14. Customer feedback & On-Time delivery.
  15. Official Accounts Management.
  16. 24/7 customer support
  17. Easy user interface to operate all functions.


Details of The Important Functions

  • Total Courier & Product Packages.
  • Total Shipping Vehicle.
  • Delivery List & Locations.
  • Delivered and Returned List.


Courier & Product Packages Management

  • Add Products.
  • Product List.
  • Generate Delivery Area Wise Sort List.
  • Shipment/ Parcel Release Reports.
  • Search Products


Shipping Vehicle Management

  • Shipping Vehicle list
  • Create Shipping Vehicle
  • Shipping Vehicle Status
  • Add items to Shipping Vehicle
  • Shipment/Delivery Information


Accounts Management

  • Parcel / Product Bills.
  • Billing Statements.
  • Transaction History.
  • Sales Summary.
  • Total Expense Reports.
  • Reports Filtering and Print.
  • Pending Payments Details.
  • Monthly Accounts Details


Customer Management

  • All Customer List.
  • Add New Customer.
  • All Customer Status.
  • Send SMS/Email to Customer.
  • Customer Edit, Delete.


Driver Management

  • All Driver List.
  • Add New Driver.
  • All Driver Status.
  • Send SMS to Driver.
  • Driver Edit, Delete.


User Management

  • All User List
  • Add New User
  • Edit User
  • User Roll Set.

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