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Voice Call Marketing

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Voice Call is an effective method to communicate with multiple people. Trough Voice Call you can easily reach to the customer and can inform, promote product or offer something from your own voice. Voice Call gives you opportunity to make your brand better known.

Voice Call marketing is suitable for all types of business or organization, keeping that in mind HRSOFTBD develop Voice Call marketing service which is not at all expensive and helps your business to grow. We provide 2 type of voice call marketing service:

  • Live Tale Marketing 
  • Robot Calls Marketing

Marketing Data base

We have more than 80 lakh categorized number of Advocates, Doctors, Engineers of Bangladesh. Different Club like: Uttora club, Dhaka Club, Gulshan Club, 1st Class Officers, Administrative officers and more and more. You can easily use this number to continue your marketing activity.

  • We can provide the contact number as per your demand/necessity.

Safe and secured login system

Our voice SMS / call will deliver from our software but the software login facility is so well and highly secured. We differentiate our service for best security and login system. Our Software is more secure than others software as we provide some best security features and login panel options. 

  • You will able to use all the products and features with personal login. No extra charge!
  • Can use our software from your computer and phone.
  • Very fast Voice Call delivery.
  • You can easily upload the recording file of the Voice Call.

Unlimited And No Durable Limitation

You can send unlimited bulk Voice SMS no limitation of contact list. As we can provide you a huge number of data base and collection of numbers you can easily send your voice SMS to them. You can also send your voice SMS without any time limitation the durability of your voice call recording can be as long or short as you want. 

  • You can send individually or group Voice Call.
  • Voice call can be as long as you want, minimum 1 minute.
  • Costing chart will be available. Can easily measure the cost according the time you used. 

Scheduled Voice SMS System 

Peoples are always busy with their daily activity. It’s very difficult to maintain all the work to and to remember. Corporate persons also have meeting and many other official activity, may be he will be not available to send SMS at the perfect time he want do. To solve the situation we develop schedule system in our Voice SMS software. You can easily upload your voice record, confirm the contact lists and set a schedule time to deliver the massage. Our software will automatic deliver the message on time. If there is no available internet in that time, still the Voice SMs will deliver.

  • Voice messages can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.
  • If there is no available internet in that time, still the Voice SMs will deliver.

Your Facility In This Software

You can have some availability to change in this software, according to your facility and comfortableness you can maintain and redecorate some features. This basic changing facility can create major positive user friendliness for you to use this system software. 

  • Phone numbers can be managed in a variety of ways and groups.
  • You have the opportunity to add personal phone numbers and groups.
  • You can upload contact list file from excel spreadsheet or .csv file. 
  • Can add, edit or delete your individual contact.

Report Managemnet

  • Can make the delivery repost Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis. 
  • Can download the report and can make printed report. 
  • Can insure which contact hasn’t received your voice massage. 

Extra Facilities From HRSOFTBD

  • Installation, documentation and training will be provide with free of cost.
  • We offer various payment methods and bundle options.
  • Can view Voice Call used and purchasing patterns.
  • Cost of service is affordable.
  • 24 Hour support from HRSOFTBD.


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