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Vehicle Management Software

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A vehicle management system (VMS) begins with access control to your vehicles. Every vehicle business company looking for unlimited vehicle manage and record facility, record driver information, get notification of license, Insurance, road permit expire date and also have the chance to make printed report of all activity regarding maintenance of vehicle information monthly or yearly.

We HRSOFTBD develop vehicle management software with specific features needed to manage vehicle business properly. Our software has the capability to record vehicle management activity automatically and in real time to provide the visibility you need to manage your business efficiently.



Unlimited Vehicle Add and Manage

Through Our vehicle management software you can add, manage and maintain unlimited vehicle. Keep record of all documents, legal issue and others.

Driver management

Manage driver profile with proper information, license management, driver penalties, fuel usage updates, recording cost, vehicle health and maintenance monitoring very easily with the help of our software.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance involves a wide range of task such as insurance date, license expire date road permit management. Through our software you can manage this easily get automatic reminder and alert before expire date also can see the list of expire dates which are coming soon through our software dashboard.

Vehicle Tracking

You can track each vehicle and use GPS to track vehicles in real time. You can vew your vehicle destination in map at any given moment and by using GPS information to optimize routes and create business relevant maps.

Data Reporting

These features of our software helps companies obtain detailed report in different formats in order to monitor operations. You can see the annual report of vehicle maintenance and every type of cost regarding each vehicle. This report can be show vehicle wise or company wise also can email, print and export the report data in cost analysis report. Moreover our software allows company to keep a detailed maintenance record.

Integrated Mobile App

The best facility with our software is a well designed mobile app will be integrated with our software. This mobile app will allow you to control and manage vehicle system easily and comfortably. This app will give you auto notification of vehicle license, Insurance and road permit expire date. Can track vehicle GPS from this app and many other facility.

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