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Result Management System


Teachers have to spend more time to input marks on tabulation sheet and to prepare result card than the time they spend to examine exam scripts. Besides authority need various types of result related reports by which they can take policy level decisions. Preparing these reports is time consuming and troublesome. This module helps to prepare all these reports very easily.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • Class/Group –wise Subject/Course Selection.
  • Class/subject –wise online mark entry facility.
  • Strong security system for Marks entry.
  • Marks entry facility through Excel.
  • Prepare Tabulation Sheet.
  • Marks editing facility.
  • Selection of Pass/Fail based on board guidelines.
  • Prepare Result Card and Merit List.
  • Prepare Class/Group-wise Result with Candidates Photo.
  • Result-related SMS Delivery.
  • Prepare Monthly Exam Result and Delivery SMS on Result.
  • And many more………………

Users/Actors Of System

  1. Admin
  2. Teacher
  3. Student

Admin Features(privileges)

  • He/she is a super user who enjoys all the privileges .
  • Add Update Display Delete Semesters .
  • Add Update Display Delete Subjects and their Full Marks.
  • Create/Approve/Disapprove teacher/student account.
  • View Results of each student and their Percentage.
  • Download Result Report as PDF format
  • Can send instruction/notification to every teacher.
  • Update Records

Teacher Features(privileges)

  • He/she is required to create account and then gets approved by the admin.
  • View the list of students assigned to them(Automatically show the students list with same semester )
  • Add/Update/Display/Delete Marks for the semester’s all subjects added by admin
  • Generate/Download Report of all Results in PDF Format
  • Update Profile
  • Upload Profile Pic
  • Update Password(encrypted format)

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