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Real Estate Marketing Software

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Real estate marketing software is designed to help real estate professionals market their properties in order to maximize exposure to potential buyers. Real estate marketing software is tailored to the industry, though some products may overlap in functionality with typical marketing software. HRSOFTBD develop the best Real Estate Marketing Software with our expert team and we give full personal attention after selling product with life time service ensurity. 



Social Media Setup

All of the companies will set up social media accounts for their clients from inception we will develop a very informative Social Media Setup for you. While most primarily did this with Facebook, others were willing to set up other social media accounts for agents if requested. Social media setup includes page creation, optimization, and having the ability to run ads on that platform.

Social Media Management

We will manage social media accounts, but again, this refers primarily to Facebook (although not exclusively, so an agent can request otherwise). Social media management entails posting on the agent’s or agency’s behalf, moderating comments, and being “the agent” on that social media platform.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising includes running ads and promoted posts on Facebook primarily. We will craft your ads, create a target audience for your ads, and give you statistics on your ad performance, if requested.


SEO services are offered through us. This is the process of helping you to be visible through search engines inquiries, and to be able to get traffic to their websites organically through strategic initiatives.


Given the prevalence of Google as a search engine, we offer for advertising companies that offered the ability to use AdWords. Using AdWords means that they bid on certain keywords (frequently searched terms) so that your clickable ad will appear in the search results and drive more specifically-targeted traffic to your website.

Customer Support

We always give the best customer support for the customer, our availability to the clients is 24hr and 7 days.Our service, and the willingness of offer to the clients is very effectively maintained through the channels of communication.


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