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Pharmacy Management Software

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The daily task management of a pharmacy is one in all the toughest management system. Here, you may see the worker operating longer hours handling payments and dues of patients. They even have to take care of documents and records like medicine’s records,Inventory and invoices etc. Doing these works, the manually demand time is high, the manual error is high. during a traditional management system. As a result several of them are using pharmacy management system these days.

A well-integrated pharmacy management system designed by our company HRSOFTBD. Our company is a reputed IT company for easy pharmacy management that can navigate the complexities of dispensing, inventory management, and daily operational functions. pharmacy management software that can incorporate robotic filling, barcode driven workflow, inventory management, the purpose of sale, and whole enterprise management.This is the foremost powerful and economical system in the marketplace for any size pharmacy operation.



Today automation software are using widely in pharmacy management to track the medicine flow, record daily purchase and sells, create on demand basis modern invoice, calculate expenses & income automatically, record supplier outcome, get stock report and many other essential operations. Thus, this automation software used to moderate & manage multi-task pharmacy is named after Pharmacy Management system. The spacific and best features of our pharmacy managemnet system is given below:

Medicine Management System

Office Employee will be able to access medicine and prescription information easily using the pharmacy software. By searching the name of the medicines can be found in the medicines stock, and the exact place of medicine can be found automatically through our software.

  • Produce medicine with the brand name, generic name, code number, barcode, shortcode, category, picture, purchase, sale, VAT percent, opening stock and supply name.
  • Entry or change the opening stock of each product.
  • Check the stock of any product at the end of the year or anytime.
  • Removal of waste products or waste products from stock.
  • Determine the discount product percentage of each product according to the category or separately.
  • Print barcodes on a label printer or laser printer.

Purchase Management System

Our software is important for the owner's side because it will keep the information of the supplier / manufacturer / purchase pattern and keep track of all transactions with them, and it will be easier for him to manipulate transactions from the outside of the company.

  • Create a modern invoice including every important detail.
  • Purchase cash managemnet.
  • Return or change purchased products.
  • Record of Paying and remaining money.
  • Print barcode according to the purchase catalog.
  • Coordination of previous purchase and present purchase price.

Sales Management System

By using our software, you can keep accurate accounts of transactions that are being done every day / month / year and also can create reports, download and print. which will help your business to grow accuratly with no extra pressure of managemnet of sales.

  • Daily sales record.
  • Return goods managemnet.
  • Due remaining money report.
  • Sell discounts creation and make the sale price as required.
  • Hold bill accord to need them recall.

Important Reporting System

The pharmacy owner can see complete information about all types of medicines, stock records, daily transactions and many others. You can see the exact account of transactions that are held every day / month / year. You can manage and monitor your business by sitting at home through our software.

  • Daily Purchase & Sale List.
  • Daily Cash Collection and Payment.
  • See stock reports in various ways.
  • See Employee activity report.
  • View any profit and loss report of any time.
  • View the list of customers and suppliers.
  • Sale in due and money withdrawal list.
  • The list of buy-sells in the remainder of the package, according to customers and suppliers.

Information Management System

Our software will keep all the information of your pharmacy management business and maintain is secured as possible. This information will always help your company to progress in future with the stored document and information system. Our software will allow you to do:

  • Record contact information of your customer as lead.
  • Manage employee information details.
  • Sooth the flow of your important message among the employee & others.
  • SMS, Message & Email sending option.

Other Required Modules

  • Creating accounts, keeping accounts for withdrawal, account balance and statement.
  • Keep account of daily salles and transection. 
  • Employees pay salaries, bonuses and advance pay.
  • See the shortlist according to product category and supply.

Extra Facilities From HRSOFTBD

  • Installation, documentation and training will be provide with free of cost.
  • We offer various payment methods and options.
  • Cost of service is affordable.
  • 24 Hour support from HRSOFTBD.




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