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Hostel Management System

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This Hostel Management Software has been designed to automate and effectively manage the entire process of gaining admission to the hostel. It gathers student information from its registration process and checks for room availability.

The student is required to input all information for the process to give a super-fast output. Then it allocates rooms to the registered students and also records their fee and other advance payment details. This helps in keeping an organized record of all students using the hostel facility through the hostel management software.

HRSOFTBD is the most renowned company that develops best Hostel Management Software. We are here to set up your Hostel Management Software which will ensure to maintain Hostel Management activity. Our expert team will give 100 percent attention to develop your Hostel Management Software according to your Official rules, regulation and facility.



Allotment Of Rooms 

Hotel Management Software has been created to help the college or school staff and the student to easily register and use the facilities while keeping track of their activities within the premises.

Defining list Of Hostel Student 

The hostel management software consists of various modules that begin with the registration and allotment process. Once a student is granted admission to a college he/she has the option to avail the hostel facility and needs to register. It then gathers all necessary information of the student and allocates a room based on the student's preference.

Attendance Tracking 

Attendance has been designed to automate the system of maintaining attendance entirely. With this feature, the end user can keep a track of their attendance and cover up for anything they have missed.

The teachers can view their own attendance which shows when they had taken leave. They can also view students attendance and inform the same to the students. The students can only view their own attendance. 

The Admin members can keep a track on the attendance of both teachers and students. Attendance updated every day helps admins to know who is absent when and they can ask the reason for the same. The feature of My attendance is beneficial for Admins, Student as well as the teachers.

Staff Attendance

Staff Attendance helps you maintain the Attendance of all the staff employed in your school, be it security, housekeeping, peons, receptionist, office staff with a department wise segregration provided.

Staff attendance includes the attendance of both teaching staff as well as non teaching staff. Admins can very easily keep an eye on the attendance all the staffs working in the school. Staff attendance also helps in proxy management for the teaching staff as well as non teaching staffs.


Security Register is another feature. The entries of the people visiting the hostel is maintained in this feature with an advantage that the user gets a pre-alert whenever any visitor want to approach them. No random person can enter the hostel premise before entering in the register. The advantage of the feature is that it keeps the record of the people visiting the hostel everyday. 

Fees Management and Payment tracking 

Managing Fees is an important aspect of the hostel. We gives you the feature to record the fees structure. It also becomes easy for parents to know what they are exactly paying for.Every individual belongs to a different social class in hostel, so the fees differs accordingly. The Fees Management System by allocating the fees class wise and also automatically manages the fee discounts student wise. The bifurcation of the fees structure creates trust in parent’s mind that they are paying right.

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