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Event Management Software

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If you’re an event or conference organizer, You must want to make sure everything is in place, which is not a simple process when doing it manually yourself. Especially for corporate events and business/academic conferences, there are some extra things you have to care about. With that in mind, HRSOFTBD develop event management software which will becomes an event planner’s best friend. This management tools can save you time and keep things organized.



Budget & Database Management

budget management is easier and it allows you to monitor the funds and all the expenses. You can re-estimate the expenses during all of the stages of planning the event. It is important to keep track of the funds, calculate savings. You can track transactions, save all the details, manage invoices and have control. Budget management is conducted with a database which might be considered as the core of event management software. It puts together all the data collected during such processes such as registration, analysing the industries or acquiring guests. Database and budget modules keep all the necessary and important information in one place for you, to be available at any time.

On-Site Functionality

The most important thing during the event is the functionality and ease of using the event management software.  you can easily manage meetings, create lists of attendees or update all the information on social media on the spot. In the reports, they should be able to find such key information as a number of attendees, timetables or revenues. With all the data in one place, it is easier to process guests’ arrivals or track attendees. you also able to print all the documents such as brochures, agendas, badges, and labels directly from the database on the spot to provide all the guests and attendees with the necessary information and equipment.

Staff Management

event management software, in order to create and carry the event, you need qualified and experienced staff. In case you do not have that many employees or they are specialised in differed tasks, event management software should also allow you to quickly find and recruit more people to work for you. With a powerful database of potential employees, you can segregate and choose what specialists you need and the software solution shows the complete list of temporary employees available on particular dates and qualified for the job.

Event marketing

Event management software also allow the process of promoting your event. This software should allow you to manage all the campaigns on social media, mailing or blog sites from one place. To achieve promotional campaign success you should also create an online community. Give people a tool to communicate with each other, exchange their experiences and memories to win their hearts. You can share videos, send newsletters and information updates.


Mobile readiness is a necessity for any software available today. You never know from which device your software traffic is coming. you will be able to access software from any device; tablets, mobiles or desktops. Additionally, cross-browser compatibility to ensure for your software as well. Your software will be able to run without errors on every modern browser.


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