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Employee / Human Resource Management System

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Employee management software improve workforce, secure employee information, record employees Attendance, eliminate biasness, Statistical Analysis and give many other facilities to maintain a business organization. It also assists the top management in the salary, attendance & efficiency of the employee to take decision eventually, against or in favor of the employee.

HRSOFTBD is here to set up your Employee Management Software which will ensure the Employee productivity and help to conduct HR activity. Our expert team will give 100 percent attention to develop your HR Management Software according to your Official rules, regulation and facility.

                                    FEATURES OF OUR SOFTWARE

Multiple User Access with security

There are lots of Employee / Hr. software service providers in Bangladesh. But we differentiate our self from others by our service our security. Our HR software is more secure than other Employee / Hr. Management software as we provide some best login and security features. Login login panel options are:

  • Admin.
  • Office Administrative.
  • Employee.

Employee Information Maintenance

Security of the information is always a prime concern for any software owner. We deliver our hr. management software in to our customers after having sufficient security option of Employee information and data base.

  • Employee personal information
  • Educational and other details
  • Job responsibility etc.

Financial Management Of Employees

Our software can manage all the financial activity related to employee and the maintenance of this financial issue can easily operate also can generate financial report.

  • Manage Salary
  • Promotion
  • Bonus programs
  • Rewards

Employee Attendance System

Our software will be linked with biometric attendance device which will track your employee timing efficiently like:

  • Check In/ Check Out
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Absence Management
  • Holidays Calendar etc.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal measurement is important to upgrade employee job status based on their performance, timing, attendance, task completed, employee Performance Appraisals can be done like:

  • Measure Employee Performance level
  • Reviews and Feedback system
  • Training program management
  • Professional Certification Management etc.

Employees Access In This Software

Besides Admin Employee also have the rights to use this software and have their personal login Id to use this. This gives Employees the authority and motivation that they are the part of organizational activity and they also have the power tend access availability.

  • Update personal information
  • Apply for leave
  • Complain issue

Maintaining Company Information

Company and Organization need to store a huge number of data in the database of the software. But many of the software nowadays don’t have enough space to store the high volume of data. To overcome this difficulty, we have concerned over high data storage capabilities and maintenance like:

  • Business documents
  • Legal documents
  • Insurance benefits
  • Banking and Tax Details

Reminder System

Reminder is important for the HR Management team because they have to handle a lot of work and activity and its difficult to remember all this thinks. So considering this facts We have a "To do list" on our front page for Admin or HR, which will help like:

  • Remind task
  • Remind the current ongoing issues
  • Sending any notification to the employees
  • Compliance Management

Easy To Use

Our Management software is completely user-friendly. Considering different levels of user, we avoid complicacy regarding the operation of the software. Considering all the level of users and for availing the use of the software, we use graphical symbols.

Multiple Language

People in Bangladesh are more familiar with the Bengali language. Exclusively, we are providing Bengali language for the convenience of the users. Along with the good Bengali font, you can also use it in any language beside English.

Offline And Online Operation
The Internet cannot be available at all places and all time, but web application that runs on the internet is much better than desktop application and easy to use. Considering these two opposite problems, we create both online and offline based software solution.

Competing Cost

Sometimes many software development firms offer inconceivable price. But we always offer for a realistic price as we are a professional software development firm in Bangladesh. Our software in Bangladesh is also very much affordable for small and medium enterprises too.

Any Type Of Customization

Being the provider of best HR software in Bangladesh, we are capable of doing any type of unique customization that you need for your business. Some of our clients need some customization for the best advantage of using this software in Bangladesh. Our dedicated programmers are having the potential to build all types of unique features which you need to better manage your Human resource.

  • Installation, documentation and training will be provide with free of cost.
  • 24 Hour support from HRSOFTBD.


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