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Email Marketing

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Email marketing helps a business to send commercial message, advertisement, business information, sales or promotion.

Email marketing is important for building relationships because it gives the chance to communicate directly to the customer. One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is lower cost compared to other marketing channels.

HRSOFTBD develop Email software by meeting all the specifications required for email marketing. You can easily reach to the customer through our software and can get 24 hr service support.


  1. Secured personal login system.
  2. Can use the software from your computer and android phone also. 
  3. Email can be send by using Company or Brand name.
  4. You can see the delivery report and can make a printed copy.
  5. Can get Statistical report and make a printed copy.
  6. Weekly/monthly/yearly overview of your email marketing.
  7. Email can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.
  8. We develop our software, in terms of styling functionality.
  9. Our software allows you to create great-looking email newsletters.
  10. Pre-designed templates will be available.
  11. A rich set of ready to use templates will help you to create professional looking emails.
  12. All the email templates can be easily customized.
  13. You can redesign newsletter every time.
  14. Previous designs can be copied and re-used.
  15. Our software built for photo editing, you just select an image in the message, edit it, and immediately see the results.
  16. Can send Email individually or in group.
  17. We can provide the email address as your necessity.
  18. We have more than 10 lakh categorized Email of Advocates of Bangladesh, Doctors, Engineers, Club Members of  Bangladesh like Uttora club, Dhaka Club, Gulshan Club etc, 1st Class Officers, Administrative officers and more and more.
  19. You can add your personal Email groups.
  20. Can upload Email file from excel spreadsheet or .csv file and text file.
  21. Can add, edit or delete your individual Email address.
  22. Ability to see incoming Email.
  23. Can sent automated reply as a response to an incoming Email.
  24. Very fast working software that consume lower space.
  25. Fast Email delivery system within limited time.
  26. Purchasing cost of the software is affordable.
  27. Installation, documentation and training will be provide with free of cost.
  28. 24 Hour support from HRSOFTBD.

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