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Education Management & Information System



Our education management and information system software is latest feature based. There are three types of admin; Super admin, teacher, student. A super admin have access to almost all information of students, teachers, parents, librarian, classes, subjects, class routines, daily attendance, exams, academic transcript and account as well. A super admin can also print report of payment, student list, exam schedules etc. A teacher can see his student list, student’s attendance report, student’s obtained marks, class schedules etc. On the other hand, a student can check his/her attendance report, obtained marks.


  • Auto calculation of student's marks
  • Print student list, teacher list, Class routine, exam schedules
  • Print monthly & yearly accounts report
  • Subject wise grade sheet
  • Class roster and exam schedule prepare
  • Summarized salary and bonus statement
  • Leave management with leave card
  • Daily employee attendance and monthly summary
    • Providing information to all users to enable these users to conduct their different tasks more efficiently
    • Enabling decision-makers to take better decisions and justifying them, based on concrete information
    • Enabling planning and policy development to address objectively identified issues, set quantified targets, and realistically estimate the resources required for implementing plans and policies
    • Contributing to improving the efficiency of day-to-day operations of the education system by providing relevant and reliable information
    • Support efficient monitoring of attainment of the stated education goals, by providing complete, reliable and timely data.
    • Support planning, decision making, supervision and management.
    • Facilitate the efficient direction of resources        to the needy areas and eliminate/minimize wastage.
    • Accurate and reliable information
    • Diagnosis of weaknesses and strengths
    • Identification and Selection of priorities areas
    • Resource allocation
    • - See more at: http://ese.kp.gov.pk/page/education_management_information_system_emis#sthash.D24cZSWo.dpuf
    Providing informations to all users to enable these users to conduct their different tasks more efficiently
  • Support efficient monitoring of attainment of stated education goals, by providing complete, reliable and timely data
  • Resource allocation
  • Good information Relevance, Timeliness,. Accuracy, Cost- effectiveness, Reliability, Usability Exhaustiveness
  • Student Records and Information Student Academic Record keeping Teacher related information including performance test records. Integrated Curriculum Management Integrated Learning Management. Communication system Financial Records Planning and Scheduling Examination and result recording


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