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Digital Vote/Ballot Paper Counting Software

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Nowadays, the right to vote and its protection become a huge challenge. we can see often changes the result of vote by buying agents or voters for pressure or money. HRSOFTBD has come up with transparent, normal, secure and impartial solution to get rid of this corruption. ECM or Electronic Counting Machine is a automated system operate by computer which scan ballot papers and process the results at a time. The whole process of ballot counting perform by computer & software so there is no chance or opportunity to take any single sides personally. We can also see the possessing of scanning and result both on the projector or big monitor at the same time in public. This complete system is also called EBM, Electronic Ballot Marker or BMD Ballot Marking Device.


How it works:

1. The ballot papers are collected from the Election Commissioner.

2. One or two people prepare the ballot papers for scanning.

3. Scanning and Result preview pararally on projector.

4. If you want, you can make a package of every 100 ballots without looking at the result of each ballot.

5. Ballots that are incorrect or that the computer cannot calculate are separated.

6. At the end of it all the total results are shown through the software.

7. Complete computer work is done directly in front of everyone through a large projector.

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