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Diagnostic Management Software

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In this era, everything runs on a software. A software controls everything, analyzes everything and creates results. Speaking of diagnostic centers, nowadays diagnostic centers are also using a dynamic and standard software to keep patient, test results and payment reports safe. In this diagnostic software authority can easily manage reports of diagnostic center. Author can keep record of test names and test referral fees. Author can maintain accounts part of diagnostic bill and payments. Official accounts can be managed here easily. This software is easy to operate and support both Bangla and English language. Employees can utilize their office time and able to work more faster and effectively. Every person will be under tracking into this software.


The Features of Diagnostics Software

There are so many features of a diagnostic software. Software makes your work faster and ensure the best quality of reporting. Few features are here:

  • Test Name entry with Category
  • Pathologist & biochemist registration.
  • Diagnostic Bill
  • Due Collection
  • Report Delivery
  • Service Bill for Out Patients
  • Commission payment
  • Daily Expense
  • Bank Transactions
  • Basic Payroll
  • Daily cash collection
  • Date to date cash collection
  • User wise cash collection
  • Patients outstanding report
  • Doctors/Agent commission
  • Date to Date Expense Details/Summery
  • Day end report
  • Consultant/ Doctor registration panel
  • Referral Commission agent registration
  • Patient registration
  • BULK SMS Panel



The Benefits of Using Diagnostics Software

There are so many features of a diagnostic software. Software makes your work faster and ensure the best quality of reporting. Few features are here:

  • You can easily generate the barcode. So, you have barcode facility.
  • This software will create reports automatically.
  • It will help you to create a provision to multiple reports for different patients.
  • Test result control with value, range, and age.
  • Control the machinery.
  • Test result comparison for patients.
  • You have Email/SMS facility.
  • It will help you to generate a provision of multiple reports under a single report.
  • Image capture and video attachment.
  • Purchase.
  • Bill Issue.
  • Create Expiry report.
  • Report for products.
  • Inventory for medicines.
  • Listing of tests.



Dynamic & Responsive Website Manage

There will be a dynamic and responsive website with this software. Into the software there will show about the diagnostic, open time table, connected doctors, the list of tests, contact with authority etc.

  1. Customized design and color as you need.
  2. Update logo and address.
  3. Fully synced with the main software of diagnostic software
  4. Dynamic Admin panel.
  5. Update any page, images and texts any time.
  6. List of test name with price and process.


Software Administration Part

The Control panel of the software allows you to manage the website part and business part of this full system. The main features are:

  • Manage Website
    • Slider Manage
    • Test Names Manage
    • Doctors Manage
    • Contact Information Manage
    • Common Pages Manage


  • Manage Diagnostic Software Part
    • Test Category Manage
    • Tests List Manage
      • Test name create/remove/update
    • Test Fee and Referral Manage
      • Set the fee of test
      • Set the referral fee of each doctor
    • Invoice Manage
      • Generate new invoice/bill for patient
      • Invoice list
      • Invoice search
      • Invoice tracking
    • Test Report Publish Manage
      • Add report before last date
      • Nearest report publishes date and list show in top
    • Patient Manage
      • Add unlimited patient
      • Manage patient database
      • Remove or update patient
      • Auto SMS send to patient
      • Patient ledger search
    • Test Due Payment Manage
    • Bill and Payment Report Manage
      • Print patient ledger with payment details
    • Accounts Manage
      • Add accounts income or expenses category wise
      • View the report of income or expense
    • Accounts Head Manage
      • Account head add
      • Account head/category remove and update
    • Report Manage
      • Print patient ledger
      • Print cash in or expenses
      • Print all expense and income report date to date wise
      • Print due bills
      • Print payment of day wise
      • etc…
    • Referrer Report Manage
      • Print referral fee of doctor or agent
      • Manage referral fees
    • Manage Users
      • Add new users as variety role
      • Manage users, suspend, remove or update user
    • Pad Settings

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