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Contractor Management System

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Contractor Management System usually manages necessary plannings, steps, resouce, transport etc which are necessary for a contractor project that includes building bridge, calvart, pool, road etc. to maintain and execute projects successfully Contractor Management Software is an integral part of project management.

HRSOFTBD has been providing Contractor Management Software with one hundred percent client satisfaction and after sales service.

Basic Features:

  1. Easy to use application.
  2. Customizable.
  3. Multiple language support(English & Bengali).
  4. Project Create Menu (Name, Category, Budget, Date, Address and other info can be added).
  5. Can manage multiple projects at a time.
  6. User Dashboard (Accessibility limit changes upon user roles such as Admin, Manager, Project In charge).
  7. Project Accounting (resource price, quantity, manpower and other project building materials vary according to budget).
  8. Task Management (each project can be controlled individually).
  9. Resource Management (utilization of resources is confirmed).
  10. Schedule Management (schedules of every project and task can be managed).
  11. Gantt chart (usually a resource chart that indicates all resources used, availability and usefulness).
  12. Time Tracking.
  13. Task Assignment.
  14. Expense Tracking (A record of all the expenses including technicians, sanitary, tiles, electricity, brick, silica, transport etc).
  15. Earning Tracking (Profit from every tracking and record of unused materials).
  16. Determine Profit/Loss.
  17. Invoice, Cash Memo, Report Printing.
  18. Data export (Reports can be downloaded as DOCX and PDF format).
  19. By Date Search reports can be created on earning, expense, description etc.
  20. Calendar and Contact sharing (Scheduled meetings, Activity dates and contacts).
  21. 24/7 support from HRSOFTBD.
  22. New features can be added upon client demand.

Signature features of Contractor Management System:

  1. After every project done profit and other unused resources will be automatically added to new project (For example if the budget of a project is 6 lakh and the project is completed in 3 lakh then the profit and unused materials will be automatically added to new project).
  2. Grant and Donor Management.
  3.  Document Management.
  4. Monitoring and Reporting.


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