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A bulk SMS service is an indispensable source of revenue, community interaction, and feedback that a company need in this highly competitive online environment. Apps that launch without SMS functionality stand to lose out on the many benefits that come with being able to build a high-conversion list for repeat sales.

As an app developing and bulk SMS providing service HRSOFTBD can significantly boost your interactions, sales and the repeated use of your app. Here is how to quickly and easily integrate it with your app or you can say Bulk SMS API.



Right Bulk SMS Service Provider

You need a reliable SMS messaging company to partner with so that you have access to stable, global networks that will keep your user-base in touch at all times. At this point, we are the best bulk SMS provider company with the features following:

  • Network reach
  • Reliability
  • Professional support
  • Customer service
  • Stable and secure service
  • The right SMS features for your business

Fast Massage delivery

Through our software you can easily transfer your any amount of bulk massage and delivery speed are also very fast, you can send hundreds of text messages in a second. We also can provide you guarantees to complete security of data.

Scheduled SMS campaigns

Get a detailed list of all the messages you have scheduled to be sent out. Cancel any unwanted messages directly from within your own website or app.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts, create and delete contact groups, add contacts either individually or in bulk. Also we have more than 80 lakh categorized number of Advocates of Bangladesh, Doctors, Engineers, Club Members of  Bangladesh like Uttora club, Dhaka Club, Gulshan Club etc, 1st Class Officers, Administrative officers and more and more.

Message Reporting

Retrieve your message history including messages sent through Messenger, email to SMS or the API. Get the status of any message or group of messages.

  • You are able to see which messages were delivered to which mobile numbers.
  • View and download all sent SMS for 30 days or more and can make a printed report.
  • Can view and download all your incoming massage to make a printed report.

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