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Account Software for Hajj

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Hajj business travel agencies every season, looking for ways to manage hundreds of customers easily. But this is not always easy. Traditional methods can only lead to more complicated work, while modern solutions save lives. In this sense, the Hajj and Umrah Software has developed for the travel agencies. The hajj passangers will get easily help or benefit from that travel agency.

When developing Account Software For Hajj HRSOFTBD use the best developer team to perform the best result. Our simple and useful hajj software, specially developed for hajj and umrah, has been prepared to meet all the needs of travel agencies, especially those doing this hajj.

FEATURES OF Account Software for hajj

Agent Features

In this sector agent have the access to maintain this software and use this to record all the activity related to his work. This will help him to maintain the passenger, payment and all other hajj procedure effectively and easily. The maintenance of this system will be simply useable and comfortable.

  • Agent Dashboard to see the maintenance 
  • Manage Passenger data base 
  • Create and print passenger payment Voucher
  • Making Reports of all activity

Administrator Features

In this features admin have all the facility and accesses to maintain the software. Use all the features of this software and record all the specific factor, activity related to maintain hajj business. 

  • Client Information
  • Agents Management
  • Reports
  • Airlines Management
  • Transport/Routs Management
  • Hotels Management
  • Voucher without Invoice
  • Dashboard/Real time Reports
  • Voucher Invoice Management
  • Users Management (Office User)

Account Management Features

Financial data is the company’s most valuable information and must be prevented from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost by mistake. That’s exactly what Accounting & Finance systems do for their users; prevent accounting from being jeopardized in any way, and keeping an extra copy in case you need to retrieve them.

  • All Accounts Types / All transction entry
  • Clients payment and dues records
  • Purchases and Sales record of hajj package
  • All the agents related accounts record
  • Cash and Bank Payments and Receipts Vouchers
  • Transaction, Bill Summary of each supplier
  • Air line related all transection 
  • Hotel Room and Accommodation Management

Leading-Edge Security

The “Information security” is always the main concern for any software owner. We Provide our Accounting software to our customers after taking adequate security steps from all the latest security modules to assure the Leading-edge security of the information of the software.

Hybrid Data Back-up

What will happen if all the data of transactions of your company for more than 5 years or 10 years become destroyed? It would be a disaster for you. No worry, it is not possible when you use our Accounting software because we provide best data back up facility in our software.

Simple To Use

Our team creates a software after going through lots of experiments for making it an easy, smart and effective solution. Our Accounting software is uncomplicated, facile trouble-free, easy to use. User-interface is very light and with a clear modules as easy as possible. For the convenience of users of our Accounting software, we used different symbols.

Very Fast Data Connection

Our Accounting software connects to the server at the smallest increment of time. So, the speed of our Accounting software is very high. It fetches up the data and stores data in sever at least possible span of time.

Offline And Online Version

It is better to get a desktop based Accounting software in Bangladesh where internet is not available. But where internet is accessible, cloud-based Accounting software in Bangladesh is the best choice. You can get our Accounting software both in online (cloud) version and offline (desktop) version.

Reasonable Cost

Many software development companies in Bangladesh offer Accounting software in Bangladesh at a very high price without any logical reason. But we always offer realistic and reasonable price as we are concern about customer facility and work as a professional software development company in Bangladesh.

Others Facilities 

Multi-User at a time, for example different user roles for different people such as CEO, Manager, Accountant etc. Access permission of various features will vary person to person depending on the roles.

  • Print or email transaction/Payment/Expense/ Profit-Loss reports monthly, half yearly and yearly.
  • Income Statements (monthly, half yearly and yearly) of company.
  • Project Budgeting depending on last year project costing/expenses/profit and planned budget for next year.
  • More features can be added upon customer/client demand.

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