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Account Software for Hajj



Hajj accounting software is mostly useful, easy and effective software. This software stores information with all account transaction. There are two type of admin in this software. The super admin can see all income Expense report monthly, yearly and daily as well. 

Super admin can keep his/her eyes on general hajji record or agency reports. 2nd admin or office assistant just can store all information about hajji and single customer list is viewable for both admin. A daily note will show to the super admin about company income and expense through this software.


  • Dynamic package create
  • Manage Customers
  • Customer View
  • Agent/Parties Management
  • Pax/Pligrim Management
  • Vouchers Management
  • Dashboard/Real Time Reports
  • Data Upload/Download Module
  • View Reports of Arrival/Departures ETC
  • Auto calculation with discount for agent
  • Print agent list, customer list, invoice for agent & customer
  • Print monthly & yearly accounts report
  • Hajj, Tour, OMRAH, others services can be stored in one software
  • Barcode Scanner compatibility
  • Cost allocation
  • Supports all kinds of package requirements

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