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Finger print and face recognition device

Finger print and face detection based attendance system has replaced the annoying manual registers in many organizations.

Finger print and face detection attendants system prevents fraud recording of working hours that employees do with manual paper attendance system. It helps to monitor late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism.

To operate attendance system digitally Finger print and face detection device is very useful. HRSOFTBD provide mostly secured and well designed Finger print and face detection device which is very effective and accurate in record attendance.


  • Finger print and face detection device mainly used for security purposes in organizations.
  • It is one time investment and you don’t have to pay farther.
  • Finger print and face detection device allows only verified person to check in and check out.
  • Finger print and face identification is extremely quick it hardly takes 1 to 5 seconds only.
  • Accuracy rate of the attendance system is very high.
  • Accurately can identify people no option of being fake.
  • Finger print and face identification system can easily reject an unauthorized person within no time.
  • It can track real time of check in and out.
  • No one can fake or create replica your finger prints.
  • Employees can miss or forget his/her attendance cards, but not the finger and face.
  • Employees don’t need to remember long PIN, passwords and patterns.
  • Finger print and face detection system helps you to control labor cost by reducing over payments.
  • You don’t need to calculate separately vacation, sick leaves and extra timing hours.
  • As well as monitoring presence, time and attendance system can help you to manage absence.
  • Absence report and massage will deliver to the person or parents.
  • Can make weekly/monthly/yearly printed report.
  • It saves their time and efforts by increasing productivity.
  • The design of the devices will be thin and slim.
  • 3 inches TFT (Thin-film-transistor) display to show fingerprint image quality and verification result.
  • 24hr service support from HRSOFTBD.
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