How A Telemarketing Service Can Help Your Business

A telemarketing service is a quick and affordable method to contact prospective customers directly over the phone and subsequently even face-to-face to convince them to buy a product or service. Besides talking directly, recorded sales talk programmed to be played over the phone through automated dialling, is also used. As a highly successful interactive marketing tool, telemarketing is used by companies to push sales higher by directly contacting customers.

Telemarketing Service Benefits

  • Provides direct feedback from the customer.
  • Is a powerful and cost effective marketing tool, since the only expense involved is the telemarketers salary and the phone bills.
  • The only advertising tool which yields immediate results.
  • It brings a captive audience in its fold as soon as the phone is answered since the call receiver has no choice but to listen.
  • Promotes non-stop selling 24 hours a day with no office timings.
  • Helps to expand the sales territory further.

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