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Privacy Policy

For Employees Working at HRSOFT BD

  1. Employee Position Descriptions –We have defined the role of every employee, including their level of responsibility, amount of authority for decision-making, overarching goals and specific tasks. Also create methods for monitoring performance and developing employees through training.
  2. Personnel Policies – We have clearly stated business hours, terms of employment (hiring and termination), wages or salary (and bonuses, if any), insurance and health benefits, paid vs. unpaid vacation days, sick leave, and retirement.
  3. Organizational Structure – We have created a chart with each person’s name and title showing how each person fits into the structure of the organization.
  4. Disciplinary Action – Address issues of honesty, performance, safety and misconduct, and determine what constitutes a violation of company policy.
  5. Safety – We Use industry best practices and relevant local, state and federal laws as guidelines to create rules detailing what safe behavior at work looks like, how to use safety equipment, how to report safety hazards, etc.
  6. Technology – We have established what’s acceptable and what’s not in regards to Internet, email and social media usage for personal purposes at work.

For Customers Doing Business With Our Company

  1. Privacy – We have established a policy that encourages transparency and trust with our customers.
  2. Credit – We determine the terms of opening an account and building good credit with our company. Besides, we set an acceptable amount of time for payment, and establish consequences when payment is overdue or not received.
  3. Confidentiality – We highly protect sensitive information, and be sure to cover relationships with vendors, customers and other suppliers.
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